We are aligned with the principles of ESG sustainable investing,
seeking to invest in ventures which are creating a positive
social and environmental impact on the world.

Tech For Old Economy

Introducing technology to traditional businesses.

Digitalisation of SMBs

Digitalisation of SMBs to migrate to the new economy.

Digital Inclusion

Enabling the vast majority of non-tech founders to participate in the
digital economy.

Capital Efficiency

Increased capital efficiency through reduced digital wastage.

Improved Governance

Improving governance across industries by plugging leakages and
increasing transparency through technology.

Ecosystem Development

Developing an ecosystem towards generating sustainable businesses
in the new economy.

Enabling Existing Supply Chains

Enabling the middle-men across industries by using technology as
against disrupting the livelihood provided by existing supply chains.

Digital First Employment

Enabling non-tech founders to digitise supply chains of wholesalers
and retailers which will create high impact in a country that needs
distribution of digital income through digital first employment.